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>>Don Burnstick

Don Burnstick is a Cree from the Alexander First Nation located outside of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The youngest of 15 children, coupled with the fact of growing up on the reserve, taught Don a variety of means of defending himself, not the least of which became his use of humour. Don’s young life was very violent. “I lived on the streets of Edmonton as an alcoholic and drug addict. In 1985, when I sobered up at 21, there were not too many 21 year old males that were alcohol and drug free so I just started asking to go and tell my story.” Burnstick obtained post secondary training at the University of San Diego in holistic urban youth development. He also has obtained certification as an Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor and graduated from the Native Trainers Development program at the Nechi Institute in Edmonton. In addition to his healing work, Don has established himself as one of Canada’s best comedians. His highly acclaimed comedy show “You Might be a Redskin – Healing through Native Humour”, is a comedic performance, that humorously portrays First Nations people, their habits, likes and dislikes.